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To achieve LED dimming, the LED bulb itself or the driver (power supply) must support dimming function. In other words, replacing the LED driver with a dimmable LED driver would make a non-dimmable LED lamp become a dimmable version. However, using a dimmer switch with Non-Dimmable LED lamp may somewhat reduce the brightness level. But eventually, the lamps would misbehave (flickering or even popping up at low frequency) and switch-off.

Many of the dimming technologies used for conventional sources can also work with LEDs. These include 0/1-10V analog, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), DMX (Digital Multiplex), and other techniques that separate the dimming signal from AC Mains voltage. However, compared to Traditional Lighting, LED lighting is more complicated because not all drivers are built alike. Different circuitry means different ways of drawing power, converting it, and outputting it. Consequently, one lamp on a single dimmer might work but when several lamps are added in parallel may not dim well.

The most common phase control device is the TRIAC dimmer. NEMA estimates that there are 150 million of these installed in U.S. homes, and that these legacy devices will represent the bulk of dimming devices for replacement LED fixtures as incandescent sources are phased out. Unfortunately, the compatibility of LEDs with TRIAC dimmers is problematic. Many existing and installed dimmers are two-wire devices; that is, the same wire that provides power to the light source also conveys the dimmed voltage, or dimming signal. This can interfere with the functioning of both the LED device and the dimmer. Dimmers, particularly those with additional features such as nightlights and light level indicators, have internal circuitry that require constant, albeit minimal, power even when the light source is turned off. With incandescent, this can be done without triggering illumination of the lamps. Because LEDs don’t require much to power up, this is a little trickier for those devices, which may also flicker. Flicker, dimming, and color shift are some of the outstanding performance issues that may prompt professional and consumer wariness toward solid-state technology.


Rather than presenting a lighting solution that adds-on to existing electrical installation, our focus is in Retrofit scenario, where we can (or are only allowed to) replace existing components with our products that allow the use of existing wiring and or accessories. The Yoswit smart dimmers perform dimming function are that it be smooth, deep, and has a low risk of visible distractions or physiological effects of flicker through the dimming range when connecting to dimmable lamps, and can be switched to ON/OFF function when connecting to non-dimmable lamps through the app. The dimmer can be compatible with different lamps which include not only incandescent Lamp and Halogen Lamp, but also dimmable CFL and LED. It is flexible to change the lamp to match different light fittings anytime to meet your lighting design even after installation, without any limitation on choosing lamps from now on...

Flicker-Free Leading Edge And Trailing Edge Dimmer (Universal Dimmers)

Phase-Cut dimmer blocks the input line for a portion of the line cycle, which inhibits the average energy transferred to the lamp load and hence, the output brightness. Both TRIAC dimmer and Yoswit smart universal dimmers operate by phase-cut dimming principle. However, they are very different in design. Traditional TRIAC dimmers operate on leading (forward) phase-cutting methodology which are designed for Incandescent and Halogen bulbs, using them for LED dimming have proven to be problematic as experienced by many installers. For more technical details, please expand to read the following article:

No Rewiring

Leading Edge dimmers are typically lower cost and so are more widely used whereas Trailing Edge dimmers exhibit lower EMI and are preferred in some markets (notably Europe) and noise sensitive environments. That-being-said, it is unlikely that the average consumer will know whether their fixture is controlled by a leading-edge or a trailing-edge dimmer, and so it is important that LED replacement bulbs work with both types. The Yoswit smart dimmers support both Leading Edge and Trailing Edge dimming and can be switched case by case when connecting to different types of lamps through the app.

Deep Dimming

The minimum (and maximum) output light (Dimming Range) that can be delivered by the lamp when connected to a dimmer is an important characteristic for LED light bulbs. For deep dimming, a key dimmer performance indicator is the Minimum-Load-Required by the dimmer itself. As LEDs are very sensitive to the changes of the driving current from the driver, which ultimately is powered through the dimmer, very stable system performance by both the dimmer and the driver at low brightness level (when the current is already very small) is the key to project success. For more technical details, please expand to read the following article:

The deep dimming requires high quality dimmer and high quality dimmable driver inside the LED lamp. Yoswit provides the Industry Highest Level of compatibility to support up to 97% deep dimming level (i.e. 5v-220v, 97.7% / 4.5v-120v, 96.25%). In addition, as there are numerous LED driver manufacturers in the market and the performance of dimming of these drivers are various a lot (some may be dimmed to only 45%), the Yoswit smart dimmer switch provides the flexibility for customer to set the minimum level through our app to fix the driver acceptable dimming range to achieve flicker-free LED dimming.

No Rewiring
No Rewiring

2-in-1 Triac & 0/1-10v Dimming

0/1-10v dimming (Read more) is another common approach in a large area or high power consumption requirement LED strip light dimming application. As a single 0/1-10V control can connect multiple LED drivers in parallel, more and more installers and lighting suppliers are now choosing the technology not only for business use, but also for consumer market. However, most of the consumers don’t know which type of dimmer controller is to buy. The Yoswit smart dimmer switch is the World’s Only Switch in the market allow you to use with either Triac dimming mode or 0/1-10v dimming mode, providing you the highest flexibility for you to choose the favor driver solution.

Sync Dimmer Brightness On Multiple Switches

Unlike the traditional manual dimmer, the Yoswit smart dimmer switch provides the app interface to display the output level on the screen for each of the switch. The output of the switch can be set as a scene and synchronized the lamp brightness on multiple switches with just a click.

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